BCR2 Instructions


The BCR2 looks like a battery, works like a battery, but doesn’t act like a battery.

It fits just about anywhere and connects to the 3 volt battery plug. There are no extra wires to deal with, no modification necessary on any engine (except ones without a charging circuit).

This device allows you to store or display your engines and never need to charge your battery to operate them.


Bring up power until you hear the sounds start up.


Increase power to 75% throttle (10 volts or more).


After one minute of applying power, at 10 volts or more, to activate the BCR2, the engine will be able to fully operate.

No longer do you have to replace the battery or be concerned about the battery leaking and damaging your engine. The BCR2 can be left in the engine indefinitely. After turning the power off to the track, the BCR2 will hold a charge for over a week, depending on the engine. If you have not operated the engine in more than a week, power up the engine in the reset position, for one minute at 10 volts or more. When the BCR2 needs to be charged, the sound volume will be lower than normal. While the BCR2 is charging up, the sound level will return to normal, still wait one full minute, the BCR2 will charge up and your engine will be ready to run.