Fixing trains is rather hard when you don’t have the parts on hand. We do have the parts on hand! As part of setting up our new service center we also created an 800 sq.ft. parts department. We have over 8,000 parts in stock that we have organized into thousands of parts bins, towers and shelving units. We keep track of all of them in our custom designed inventory system. We know how many of each part we have in each location, what the price is, and where we can get them restocked from.

We have both suppliers and competitors prices in our database, so in addition to the 8,000+ parts in stock, we know where we can find 20,000+ more, all in our searchable database right at our findertips.

We do not offer parts fitment services. If you need help with parts fitment we suggest reaching out to the many blogs and message boards available on the internet. These communities have many members that are available to help you troubleshoot and identify parts for your locos. Once you have the part numbers you need, search out massive parts database to see if we have it available for purchase. Click here to search for parts.

Here are some examples of what you will find on our website. Most of our parts are complete with one or more photos on a dimensional grid so you will know exactly what you are getting and we are snapping photos of new parts every day. We have original parts, repro parts, and new parts.

Jay Stuckey
Parts Specialist
It is quite a job keeping all those parts organized and that is why we have our very own parts specialist, Jay Stuckey. Jay has been with Trainz since February 2013 . Jay specializes in American Flyer, but he has a vast knowledge of Lionel, Marx, Ives, HO, N and even Lego Trains. Jay has been collecting, fixing, and selling trains for 17 years. Prior to working at Trainz Jay worked at a local train store for over 10 years. Jay typically pulls all of our parts orders and sorts out all the parts that we get from collections.