In addition to our great staff and facility we have made he investments in tools and fixtures to help us diagnose problems quickly and accurately to ensure that we do the job right. Here is a run-own of our tools of the trade.

Our Proto-Sound 3 test fixture is the most comprehensive test fixture that MTH has produced. It will test all functions of the PS3 platform as well as upload and download data between the boards and our computer. With this tester we can troubleshoot PS3 down to the individual functions that the board controls. We can also download and upload serial number information, sound and DSP files to the boards.

The Proto-Sound 2 test fixture is what we use to test and diagnose PS2 boards. It will test both early 5 volt boards and the current 3 volt boards. With this tester we can troubleshoot PS2 down to the individual functions that the board controls. We can also download and upload the serial number information and sound files to the boards.

The Proto-Sound 1 by QSI or Original Proto-Sound test fixture will test all the functions programed in the PS1 boards. We can easily see if there are any defects in the board or sound chip by connecting the board to this fixture.

Built in-house, we use this custom made test fixture to troubleshoot the Lionel Legacy series of circuit boards. We can test most functions in the Legacy environment and it covers Lionel Signature and Vision Line locos or any loco with the RCMC motherboard installed. It features two motors, standard and whistle smoke units, all lighting functions, front and rear couplers, and Railsounds Lite board testing.

Our TMCC Test Fixture is used to check the functions of the 24-pin RXLC, Railsounds, and Railsounds power boards. Not only can we test all functions in the TMCC environment but we can reprogram the RXLC to factory settings for the particular loco it belongs before it is installed.

This is another custom made test fixture that we produced to test Lionel’s DCDR driver board. We can easily test the functionality of a DCDR board and put it on the shelf for use or recycle it. It can alternately be used to test the 24-pin TMCC boards as well so it serves a dual purpose for our technicians. Unlike the TMCC test fixture it features a motor and operating coil couplers.

The Railsounds Test Fixture is a custom build fixture that we made to test the newer Railsounds boards. Designed after the same fixture Lionel Technicians use to test Railsounds, it allows us to quickly diagnose a Railsounds Lite or Railsounds Mass board. This also saves us time in the process of ordering new boards as they are proven defective prior to purchase. We no longer have to send the defective board to Lionel for verification.

Our Trainsounds test fixture was derived from a design at Lionel. This custom, in-house built fixture allows us to test the Trainsounds series of boards and the hall effect sensors that control chuffing and engine RPM. We can test the horn/whistle, bell functions, crew talk if equipped as well as make sure that the chuffing and engine RPM features are working properly.

We continue to develop new fixtures to aide us in troubleshooting and repairing your engines. These fixtures save us time by eliminating the guesswork and needless replacement of parts and boards that may otherwise be operational. This in turn leads to you saving money in labor and parts cost.